The Cody Boys


12/3/2011 Nate says "I love you, Daddy."
11/6/2011 Nate uses the potty for the first time.
9/3/2011 Nate says "Nate". And he also knows what it means!
6/2011 Nate says "Mama".
5/10/2011 Nate says "Daddy".
3/17/2011 Nate walks.
3/12/2011 Nate's first birthday.
3/2011 Nate starts talking.
1/1/2011 Nate cruises.
11/26/2010 Nate sees snow for the first time.
11/10/2010 Nate pulls up to a stand.
10/23/2010 Nate crawls.
9/6/2010 Nate sits up unassisted.
8/28/2010 First solid food.
8/7/2010 Second tooth.
8/3/2010 Nate rolls back to front.
7/31/2010 First tooth.
7/19/2010 Nate rolls front to back.
7/3/2010 First plane flight.
6/1/2010 First day of day care.
3/15/2010 Nate comes home.
3/12/2010 Nate is born!


4/2014 Finn walks.
2/2014 Finn says "Mama".
2/2014 Finn cruises.
1/19/2014 Finn pulls to a stand.
1/13/2014 Finn crawls.
1/5/2014 Finn comes to a sit unassisted.
1/1/2014 Finn waves.
12/2/2013 Finn rolls front to back.
8/30/2013 Finn rolls back to front.
8/10/2013 First plane flight.
7/8/2013 First day of day care.
4/20/2013 Finn comes home.
4/18/2013 Finn is born!